Living means being alive. 

Strings denote string instruments and relationships

Living Strings was birthed in 2002 out of a desire to create a sanctuary where acoustic string instrument lovers can gather and interact with each other freely. It first started as a guitar retail outfit when Timothy, one of the founders, wanted to share his love for acoustic guitars and fingerstyle playing. In 2012, with the rise of interest in the ukulele, Living Strings included the instrument in its product offerings. To date, we have expanded to include guitar, ukulele and piano courses for both the young and old.

We believe in the importance of learning and sharing with one another in a friendly environment. For more than a decade our family-run outfit has sought to do just that. We have helped - players hunting for unique instruments, different ones wanting to learn how to play or persons simply looking for some musical inspiration - by sharing our knowledge and experience. Through our services, we hope to walk with you regardless of where you are on your musical journey. After all, most of us will fondly remember the times we enjoyed doing something with a friend!


Today, learners of the guitar and ukulele (self-taught or taking casual lessons) of various levels, have access to an ever-growing myriad of materials via the internet today. Being able to have information almost instantaneously is a great thing. However, these abundant threads of information can be confusing for some and often lead to a misunderstanding of various topics, rather than bring clarity. As such, Living Strings wants to help learners both young and old who are beginners, as well as those seeking to improve musically to realize their musical potential by providing sound guidance though our creative programmes. 


Learning to play an instrument should be as intuitive, natural and logical as possible. Our lessons are carefully planned to cultivate and foster students to do the following:



Children naturally have a sense of curiosity. As such, they learn fast because they do not have a fear of trying. In a world that moves fast, it may seem contrary to explore and tinker with our instrument when there are tons of educational videos and tab or chord sheets out there. However, when we explore, we grow with fascination for our instrument. This fosters and sustains interest in the instrument. We are more likely to remember what we have learnt because we have participated in the exploration process.




Our teaching method helps students to think about their musicality and technique. As students become more acutely aware of their own playing, they improve on their musicality and technique faster than if they are just told what to do.



Though we may dislike practice at times, practice is essential to attain mastery. Here at Living Strings, students discuss and come up with possible solutions to remedy a particular musical difficulty. Our instructors then help students sort out what is necessary to build a good technique and understanding of their instrument. 


Trust your E.A.R!

The Crooner


Co-founder, ukulele hero and

crooner extraordinaire.


Rachel Tan


The brainiac who handles everything. Tickles the ivories too.

Timothy Tan


Co-founder. Plays the guitar as much as he talks and loves teaching.