What better way is there to gel your team than with a bit of fun and be able to learn a new skill at the same time! Be it an ice-breaker warm-up event or a team building activity, our corporate workshops do just that and more!


Increasingly, corporations are choosing to foster collaboration rather than competition between and in teams. Music is the perfect medium, as employees have to work together, instead of competing with one another, to create a beautiful result.


A musical team-building experience is both memorable and effective as music engages not just our reflexes, but also our brains! A TED-ED VIDEO mentioned: neuroscientists have observed that a person playing music is at the same time doing a full-body brain workout! It suggests that some of the mental benefits of playing music are unique to this activity.

Employees continue to stay motivated in the company when they are able to see how they contribute to the overall organization. In music team-building activities involving employees playing different notes or chords from one another, they are able to understand how each specific role in the ensemble enhances the overall sound. Music-based activities work both for the masses eg. a mass ukulele jamming session for a 100-pax group, or a more intimate small ensemble jam-out.

  • Customisable and scalable (between 10-100 pax) according to your organisational needs and size

  • Group-based activities to foster team building

  • No prior musical experience necessary for participants

  • Ukulele rental available

  • Experienced trainers

  • Guitar and ukulele courses (lunch-time/after-work/flexible arrangements)

  • D&D or other Event Performance Training

  • Weekly lessons for Guitar or Ukulele Recreational Club

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