The Guitar Canyon Trail caters to the intermediate player who has developed competencies in subjects covered in Grass Trail and wants to be able to improvise melodically, harmonically and rhythmically. Through this course you will become a more versatile and complete musician!

Topics covered include:

  1. Transposing chords in songs to different keys. This will make it easier to sing if the pitch is too high or too low!

  2. Rhythmic phrasing in different styles of music so you can be versatile and groovy!

  3. More chord voicings to increase your music vocabulary so your songs will sound more interesting. It’s boring to keep playing the same old chords!

  4. More strumming and plucking techniques so you can have more ideas to treat a song. Variety is a good thing!

  5. To play in different time signatures as some songs are written with a different feel!

  6. Something called fill ins. At certain points in a song, a musical “fill in” is necessary to echo the sentiment of the song. It makes the song come alive!

  7. To construct melodic lines so you can add an instrumental solo in a song. That’s the section when the singer stops singing!

  8. How to integrate guitar with other instruments in a band.


At the end of the course:

  1. Assessment is optional should you wish to have a personal review from us.


Available in group or individually customisable lessons.



  • Group (5-12 students) - $250 for 10 lessons, 1 hr each

  • Small group (2-4 students) - $300 for 10 lessons, 1 hr each

  • Individual lessons - $200 for 4 lessons, 1 hr each

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