The Guitar Grass Trail is a course created for the complete beginner who aspires to play and sing songs that they like on the guitar. From the get go you will easily come to understand the language of music and possess the skills necessary to get cracking on the guitar!

Topics covered include:

  1. A little basic music theory which will help you understand how music works!

  2. How to form chords and string a bunch of them together to render a song….oh and how to effectively memorise them too!

  3. To handle your instrument with the right playing posture to ensure comfort when playing and manoeuvring on the fretboard so you won’t feel fatigue!

  4. Strumming…it’s that thing guitarists do to the strings to create different rhythms!

  5. Simple plucking. The guitar is after all a plucked instrument plus it’s a wee bit impressive if you could pull it off!

  6. Techniques to help you play as you sing. No kid!

  7. To develop coordination between left/right hand activity to improve dexterity and maximise economy of movement when you’re blazing away on the strings and fretboard. A good technique saves energy!

  8. Ways to combine and apply all the various components above creatively to be a confident musician!


At the end of the course:

  1. Assessment is required if you wish to proceed to the intermediate GUITAR CANYON TRAIL course.

  2. Assessment is optional should you wish to have a personal review from us.


Availability in group or individually customisable lessons.


  • Group (5-12 students) - $250 for 10 lessons, 1 hr each

  • Small group (2-4 students) - $300 for 10 lessons, 1 hr each

  • Individual lessons - $200 for 4 lessons, 1 hr each

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