From simple strumming and singing, all the way to complex

SOLO INSTRUMENTAL FINGERSTYLE GUITAR playing, we’ll help you uncover the art of playing the guitar. Various styles, techniques and all things guitar can be covered and customized to suit the interests and learning style of the learner. Perhaps you want to trek into Flamenco territory to explore exciting Spanish style rasguedos, pick up a few exotic chord voicings to use in your favourite song or craft a jazzy acoustic guitar solo.  Individual sessions are best suited for your guitar forays!

Topics covered include:

  1. Customized approach for individual learning.


At the end of the course:

  1. Assessment is optional should you wish to have a personal review from us.


Only available for individual lessons.



  • Individual lessons - $200 for 4 lessons, 1 hr each

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This style of playing combines fingerpicking/plucking, strumming, arpeggios, tapping, hammer-on/pull offs, natural/artificial harmonics and percussive elements into a coherent stylised technique. Alternate and open tunings are characteristic of this art form. Fingerstyle guitar is mostly instrumental music but can also be heard in contemporary songs across multiple genres and styles.