Schertler Arthur Format 48

Schertler Arthur Format 48


What may seem to be a standard modular mixing console, at first glance, is actually a groundbreaking new audio product that offers so much more. With Arthur, you can build your own mixing tool with a degree of flexibility not yet seen on the market.


There are 8 different units that can be combined in whatever order you like, in just a few minutes. At the heart of this mixer is an equally groundbreaking electronic design. Never before has the market seen a mixer with electronic circuitry that is totally free of negative feedback (NFB) from input to output. All filters and summing amps (which many electronic designers consider unthinkable without NFB) are free from restricting back loops in this straightforward high-speed design. The result is an ultra fast response and a natural attack, neither of which is achievable with NFB circuitry. All circuits are simply built using single, discrete Class-A electronic components and pure high-voltage DC-amps (with not one capacitor in the signal path), offering 30dB headroom and low noise, as well as unparalleled stability, warmth and transparency.


Although the Arthur Format48 may not offer all the features of a big studio console (indeed, it is not designed for that), its sound nevertheless outperforms many of the more established mixing desks. Put another way, it will be hard to find a better sounding mixer than Arthur. Whether you are using your mixer in an amateur or professional capacity, for studio recording or live applications, small performances or big bands, Arthur will prove the perfect mixing tool thanks to its great sound and unrivalled flexibility.

What's more, should you need another mic input, or an extra instrument input for a friend’s guitar, this can simply be ordered and added to your existing Arthur.