Going beyond just singing and playing in the key of C, the Ukulele Grass Trail 2 is designed to help beginner/intermediate learners be more flexible in their playing by expanding their chord vocabulary and ability to play in other song keys. Start grooving along to tunes on the radio with your ukulele!

Topics covered include:

  1. Expanding chord vocabulary, including secondary dominant 7th chords, which increases flavour in your songs.

  2. Adding passing chords to basic chord progressions. It's boring playing the same old stuff!

  3. More groovy rhythms and strumming techniques.

  4. Song memorization. Wouldn't it be swell to be able to just whip out your uke and play!

  5. Songs in new keys of G, D and A major. Learn the corresponding chords of these new keys so you are not just stuck playing and singing songs in C.

  6. Songs in minor keys. We will first learn songs in A minor, which is the relative minor of the C major key.


At the end of the course:

  1. Assessment is required if you wish to proceed to the intermediate UKELELE CANYON TRAIL course.

  2. Assessment is optional should you wish to have a personal review from us.


Available in group or individually customisable lessons.


  • Group (5-12 students) - $200 for 10 lessons, 1 hr each

  • Small group (2-4 students) - $250 for 10 lessons, 1 hr each

  • Individual lessons - $160 for 4 lessons, 1 hr each

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